Visual Strategies and Trial Exhibits

IV has a deep understanding of how witnesses can best present complex medical concepts to juries.

IV works directly with the experts and attorneys to create a visual strategy and trial exhibits for your case. IV has the unique ability to take complex medical information and transform it into easily understood medical legal illustration, helping the jury to understand the medicine involved without overcomplicating the message.

This approach is effective and the creative process is easy for legal teams. Defense teams that take advantage of our visual strategy and trial exhibits see benefits that include:

  • High Return on Investment (ROI): Since IV is able to contribute to a positive outcome in 94% of its cases—and up to 97% for insurers who have provided their trial lists to IV—defense teams are able to realize enormous returns from use of our visual strategy.
  • A "Defense-Only" Policy: Unlike its competitors, IV only works with defense teams, never working against the interests of its clients and never sharing defense strategy with plaintiff attorneys.
  • Courtroom-Tested Medical Legal Illustration Library: With over 10,000 medical images that have all been tested in the courtroom, IV starts the trial preparation process with a visual advantage. These trial exhibits have been developed in conjunction with world-renowned physicians to educate juries in order to ensure a successful outcome for the defense.
  • Time-Saving Preparation: IV’s robust medical illustrations library can be accessed and leveraged at any time-making it easy to prepare cases quickly by using existing images or quickly customizing anatomical templates.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Experts, attorneys, claims representatives, and defendants are able to access case materials 24/7 through our custom web portals.
  • Fast and Easy Modifications: Because illustrations and trial exhibits can be accessed via the web, medical illustration edits can be made at any time from anywhere-freeing up the defense team to work at their convenience.