IV partners with legal teams and witnesses to identify the most effective way to present complex medical information to a jury of laypeople.

IV is a leader in the area of demonstrative evidence—exhibits created to illustrate or clarify clinical situations or anatomical structures for juries. We create high-quality case-specific medical illustrations, x-ray enhancements, and multimedia presentations to complement expert testimony. Our solutions include:

Stock Medical Illustrations

IV has developed a private library that contains over 10,000 images. With every new case, this image library expands with illustrations that have been vetted through the court system. These images are then recalled for your particular case to be used as is or modified to make them case-specific. This is a private library; our images are not shared with plaintiff counsel, keeping our visual strategy confidential.

Case-Specific Medical Illustrations

IV works directly with the experts and attorneys to create a visual strategy for your case. IV has the unique ability to take complex medical information and transform it into an easily understood illustration, helping the jury to understand the medicine involved without overcomplicating the message.


  • Stock medical illustrations
  • Case-specific medical illustrations
  • Medical animations
  • Computer-based presentations
  • Charts, graphs, and timelines
  • Document enlargement
  • Film duplication & digitization
  • Film color enhancement
  • Film, slide, and photo scanning and printing
  • Video duplication and capture
  • Illustrated verdict (IV)
"IV was very helpful in taking the complex medical issues in the case and simplifying them with the medical visuals. The timelines that were created were used in the opening and closing statements and I believe they helped solidify the jury’s understanding of the case as a whole."
—Attorney Dennis R. Anti
Partner, Morrison Mahoney LLP.
Springfield, MA
"We won! The jury came back in less than two hours. We all loved your work, so you're certain to hear from us again soon. Thanks again."
—Lynne Couch
Sulloway & Hollis, P.L.L.C.
Concord, NH

Medical Animations

IV brings our medical library to life by creating custom animations and presentations. Several templates for stock animations are also available. Click to view example.

Computer-Based Presentations

IV has long been an innovator in the creation of custom presentations such as fetal monitoring strips. IV will customize your fetal monitoring case so that you can add documentation such as nurses notes, authoritative text book examples, or illustrations to the strip to educate the jury. Click to view example.

Charts, Graphs, and Timelines

IV takes complex data and compiles it into engaging charts, graphs, and timelines designed for visual impact and instant comprehension.

Film Services

IV is a leader in the field of x-ray reproduction, providing copies, enlargements, and enhancements upon request. IV has specialized in film copying and scanning and has invested in the latest technology to ensure the finest duplication possible. IV film services include Film Duplication & Digitization, Film Color Enhancement, Film, Slide, and Photo Scanning and Printing, and Video Duplication and Capture.

IV Case in Point

The IV Case in Point is a monthly electronic periodical designed to keep our clients informed of the latest in demonstrative evidence techniques. This periodical is also designed to inform our clients of the most recent types of cases being brought before the courts. To subscribe, email: